AV Super Sunshine



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AV Super Sunshine is the name of a group, of a person and, most certainly, of a sound.

The enigmatic entity creates "New American Rock.” That is, his songs are thoroughly modern with an addition of an elegantly contemporary American sound that is shot through with echoes of our rock 'n' roll past.

“I am AV Super Sunshine” says this out-of-nowhere artist/songwriter.  “It’s actually my artist name.  My full 8 piece touring ensemble is the Super Sunshine Band. I got the name when I was invited to Nashville in the summer of 2013 to record a group of songs at Ben Folds’ studio by Grammy nominated songwriter James House.“

AV explains “One of the songs we were recording was titled Super Sunshine Girl and my initials are AV. One morning while we were mixing James introduced the idea of putting a touring act together with my songs and me at the helm. He threw out the name AV Super Sunshine which he constructed by putting my song and initials together and it stuck.”

The song “Baby Goodbye ” from AV’s debut self titled CD was released to CMJ radio as a single on July 13th, 2015 and charted #7 on Billboards Hot Singles Sales chart week of October 17th, 2015.  This success is being followed by an EP titled “Just Like Kurt ” which includes the “Just Like Kurt ” and “Alien Abduction ” singles.  An additional Full CD album is also due to hit digital and physical retail locations worldwide during 1st quarter 2016.

Listen to     - AV Super Shine "Baby Goodby - Michael Bradford Hip-HopAdelic" - Remix