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Welcome to the AV Super Sunshine!
I doubled your dosage, I doubled your fun, that’s what he said!
Quote From Theme Song - AV Super Sunshine

AV Super Sunshine’s “Baby Goodbye” (Buy Now on iTunes), was released to CMJ radio as a single in July and with grass-roots fan support, charted #7 on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales chart on October 17th, 2015.  A follow up Kurt Cobain tribute EP was launched to CMJ Radio in October titled “Just Like Kurt,” which includes the “Just Like Kurt” and “Alien Abduction” singles. At the same time, due to the excitement generated by the “Baby Goodbye” single; a 12 song CD titled “Baby Goodbye” has just been released to Triple A Rock radio.   

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"Baby Goodby - Michael Bradford Hip-HopAdelic" - Remix