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(Fond du Lac, WI): AV Super Sunshine has been living the peace, love and rock 'n roll life and has a solid string of hit songs to show for it. The artist is best known on global radio for his songs “Baby Goodbye” (#5 DRT Global AC Airplay), “Apple” (#12 DRT Global Rock Airplay), “Candyland” (#17 DRT Global AC Airplay) and “Orange” (#18 DRT Global Rock Airplay). His down-to-earth persona, contagiously positive perspective and unique blend of pop, rock and EDM have gained him hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.  In 2019 the artist saw a spike in radio play in Asia, Europe, South America and the UK with multiple number 1 hits on both the EuroIndie Music Chart and the World Indie Music Chart.  With support from the BBC, AV also cracked the top 20 of both the DRT Global Adult Contemporary Airplay Chart and the DRT Global Rock Airplay Chart.  AV continues building buzz and expanding global fan base through radio play, club DJ play, online video, television and cable music programming. With the grass roots support of 250K+ fans across demographic and geographic boundaries, AV Super Sunshine is becoming more than the name of an artist, or a sound, developing into a movement as a symbol of inclusivity.

2019 BBC Radio Station Music Adds:

BBC Radio 1 (Trevor Nelson Show), BBC Radio 2 (Trevor Nelson Show), BBC Radio 6 Introducing, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Radio Guernsey, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Ulster.

Recent Top 50 Music Charts:

#26 Global Rock Airplay 'Baby Goodbye"' 9-20#5 Global Top 50 AC Airplay "Baby Goodbye" 8-20#1 European Indie Airplay 'Smile' 05-20#1 European Indie Airplay 'Crazy Love' 02-20
#17 Global Top 50 AC Airplay 'Rock Mix' 12-19#49 Global Top 50 AC Airplay 'Candyland' 10-19#1 Top 60 Dance Chart 'Are You Happy' 09-19#1 Top 60 Crossover Chart 'Are You Happy' 09-19
#1 European Indie Airplay 'Are You Happy' 08-19#1 European Indie Airplay 'Apple' 08-19#22 Global Top 50 Rock Airplay 'Orange' 04-19#2 European Indie Airplay 'Orange' 04-19
#31 Global Top 50 AC Airplay 'Apple' 03-19#18 Global Top 50 Rock Airplay 'Orange' 02-19#12 Global Top 50 Rock Airplay 'Apple' 02-19#2 European Indie Airplay 'Time Bomb' 10-18
#1 Global Top 60 Dance 'Time Bomb' 10-18#1 Top 60 Crossover Chart 'Time Bomb' 10-18#47 Global Top 50 Pop Airplay 'Time Bomb' 09-18#1 Global Top 60 Dance Chart 'Apple' 05-19
#1 Global Top 60 Crossover Chart 'Apple' 05-19#1 Global Top 60 Dance Chart 'Orange' 04-19#1 Global Top 60 Crossover Chart 'Orange' 04-18#1 Global Top 60 Dance Chart 'Smile' 01-18
#1 Top 60 Crossover Club Chart 'Smile' 01-18#14 National Folk Airplay 'Steel Bridge' 12-17#26 National Electronic Airplay 'I Am Alien' 10-17


AV's Baby Goodbye was released to CMJ radio as a single in July 2015 and with grass-roots fan support hit #7 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart in October 2015.  A follow up Just Like Kurt Kurt Cobain tribute EP (CMJ Top 100) went to radio in October 2015 followed in May 2016 by a Baby Goodbye CD (CMJ Top 100) which spent 21 weeks on the CMJ chart.

In October 2016, Bass Face, a collection of radio friendly pop-rock-art songs produced by legendary hit maker Michael Bradford was released to Triple A, Alternative, CMJ and Pop radio. After several of the album tracks showed up on the global indie crossover club charts a CD of dance remixes entitled “Bass Face Remixes” was released in 2017 which produced three number one dance and crossover hits, “Baby Goodbye”, “I Am Alien” and “Smile”.

For 2018 a new collection of dance remixes entitled “Candyland Remixes Volume 1” is being completed. The first three sets of Candyland mixes (of the songs “Time Bomb,” “Apple” and “Orange”) each hit #1 on the Starfleet crossover and dance club charts. Their pool director reported that a record 48,000 DJs had downloaded them. “Time Bomb” was subsequently released to radio, where it charted “#2 on the Euro Indie Music Top 200, #47 on DRT Global Pop Airplay Top 50 and #93 on the DRT Global Airplay Top 200. AV’s unique, multi-genre rollout approach is to continue to chart with new tracks until rock radio is aware enough of his music to play the original pop-rock mixes on the full album.


Artist Video Press Kit 2016 - Who Is AV Super Sunshine?