DJ Comments AV Super Sunshine


Apple (Dance Remix) Link to remix, fan votes and comments

DJ-HDWhata great group & thanks to you their music is in heavy rotate weekly!Apple (Remix)
Richie RichDito! I mean hit! I'm sharing your post with all my friends. Can't wait to see them perform.Apple (Remix)
Joe M.We really appreciate you introducing this group to all of us. They make great music & videos that work! This is a hit for us.Apple (Remix)
ZeddThaDJJust wanted to thank you guys for the intro to the group's very hot music! We are supporting weekly.Apple (Remix)
Gio Q.I feel so healthy now that I'm dancing apples & oranges! Love your music!Apple (Remix)
Julian B.One of my most favorite bands on the planet. Great music from a great group. Thank you.Apple (Remix)
DJ-ZeeYou've got us hooked over here. AV loads our dance floors nightly.Apple (Remix)
Aussie QHere's another hit song by a group that is hopefully come down under to do some concerts. TYFYP!Apple (Remix)
Star 69 DJI'm really liking this group's music so much. Where did you guys find this amazing artist!Apple (Remix)
DJ-Sammy D.Love apples too & this song. We love what you guys do too. Very hot group.Apple (Remix)
J. DelreoWow! I like this song. Thanks for keeping us up to date with their hits.Apple (Remix)
DJ Da RippaYou have great music unknown to us over here. My DJ budz love this & turned me on this morning. I could play this in a minute.Apple (Remix)
Jes KIFSI’m impressed with the quality of this artist’s music & history. I WILL be a avid follower from this point on. Great work sir!Apple (Remix)
Winston E.S.Another new song I see from what is becoming one of our favorite groups. I bet they put on a helluva show. TY Apple (Remix)


Baby Goodbye (Album Mix) Link to album mix, fan votes and comments

Calvin HarrisI like this group's music & think this is a workable tune. Will there be any sort of Dance mixes available? Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
DJ-Angie B
Can't wait to get hold of the remix of this. The original works for my early crowd but I think the remix should get that midnight crowd jumping.Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Neal M.What a talented group this is. I see that there is a dance mix of this rock song which I believe that you guys posted over the weekend. They are both very good. I'm sharing with all my friends.Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
DJ-ExtremeThis is a great big hit! I didn't think so in the beginning by you hooked me & us now. Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
DJ OMGAV, what a hot song & your other songs are perfect for one of our Crossover clubs.Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Dinahlynn BWOW! I see why there's so much support for this group's music. Those Crossover charts don't lie. Hot hit.Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Alfred GarrityI am a new fan of this group thanks to you. Would enjoy them performing in Europe soon.Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Alena Bel.I think I remember seeing this group perform before. Haven't you been in London before?Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Rickie E.Heard about this group through our FB group & had to see what they were talking about. I see why they were raving!Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Da HitmanSure hope we get hold of a Dance , Club or House mix of this song. I've got it working in a top 40 club here in the Grand Strand but having a little trouble in the Dance clubs. Looks like it's on the way. You guys are the best!Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Murray BlankinshipWe hope to see this artist in our part of the world soon, DenmarkBaby Goodbye (Album Mix)
Betsy Q Tha DJI love this sound & I recognize this group's music.Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)
DJ Danni D.This is fantastic. You've got the group responding to our comments. I agree this is workable song & I too would love to see some Dance/House mixes for the clubs & mixshows. I'd support. Baby Goodbye (Album Mix)

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Baby Goodbye (Remixes) Link to remixes, fan votes and comments

Candra V.OMG I had to see this to know it was for real. This is hot & so is this group!Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
William E.I had to respond because this group has our group mesmerized! I mean this is a hit & the alien one is perfect.Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
DJ DF PackerThis was one of my favorite songs & videos of the Spring of 2017. You guys are very good! Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
BJ Tha DJOMG, this is great to know & we will follow you from now on. AV you've got new fans! Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
DJ Patrick RThank you SOOOOOOO much. A couple of my clubs & mixshow love this song. The new one is a smoker!Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
DJ HitmanSorry we're getting onboard late but we'll be big supporters of this group's music now that we're in the pool. Both of the mixes will work great in our various clubs. GDMBaby Goodbye (Remixes)
Rodney QMan you are driving us crazy with all this hot music! My friends wanted to say thanks for letting us know about this group's music & the various mixes, plus this video! Keep'em comin'!Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
DJ J CrewI wasn't sure about this song with the original mix but after one of your DJs dropped this new Dance Mix on his dance floor I saw a hit!Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
IMADDJThat remix is a mind blower. It's all good! I can play this song in 2 different style clubs & it works! Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
Tha Music LoverSo many of our friends are talking about this music & the videos associated with them. Watch for our fav DJs contacting you to get this music for our clubs.Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
Mitch PYou guys aren't kidding about this song & video. That remix is slammin'! Got some of our crew heading your way to support it. Hot flava! Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
Kara CAfter hearing the 2 different versions of this song I personally like the new dance mix cause I can dance to it better but both are hot!Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
B. HunterThis remix made all of the difference for my crowds. It's big now! Baby Goodbye (Remixes)
DJ-DF PackerWOW! I heard you talking about remixes & they did it! I can play this in my dance clubs now. I'm on it! Baby Goodbye (Remixes)


I Am Alien (Remixes) Link to remixes, fan votes and comments

DJ-ThomaSSOne of the best songs & especially the video I've run across this Summer. Love it! I Am Alien (Remixes)
Pearline T.We have become big fans & this is one of the reasons why. Makes us wanna meet some aliens so we can dance too!I Am Alien (Remixes)
Nina G1 of the best new groups we've heard in years, plus this video AMAZING!I Am Alien (Remixes)
Kurt TeeThis has got to be one of the most creative bands I've seen before. The different styles of music & mixes, plus this video is out of this world! I Am Alien (Remixes)
Linda C.So this is the big hit my friends have been telling me about. What a great video. This is a OMG post! I Am Alien (Remixes)
DJ BootifulOMG this is so hot & I gotta have it. I'll call you in a minute. I need this song & video. I Am Alien (Remixes)
DJ DF PackerThis has turned out to be a major hit in my clubs & the video superb! I Am Alien (Remixes)
Jason St.We wanted to say that we are really enjoying your music AV. This video is so amazing to watch. Keep dropping your hits.I Am Alien (Remixes)
DJ Dave A.What a creative group they are with their music, mixes & videos. We are supporting them every step of the way.I Am Alien (Remixes)
DJ Angie BI finally got a chance to check out & as always you hit the nail on the head! This is so hot & the video is a hit!I Am Alien (Remixes)
Pearl FurgisonHS this is a hit! I love this video & my friends are sharing your post like crazy!I Am Alien (Remixes)
Jason CrewDamn I've to get in here asap! You guys do some absolutely amazing intros to new music & artist. This one which is going to blow my crowd's minds. Great work!I Am Alien (Remixes)
Lou B. DJBig alien fan & now an AV Super Sunshine fan too. LOVE THIS VIDEO! I Am Alien (Remixes)
IMADDJI love this sound & since Baby Goodbye is kicking on my dance floors this is sure to keep my crowds happy.I Am Alien (Remixes)


Orange (Dance Remix) Link to remix, fan votes and comments

DJ-HDCan't play their music enough for my club! You are so right about this group too!Orange (Remix)
Richie RichHuge hit making group that you introduced us to & we are have supported every since. This is a hit!Orange (Remix)
Joe M.My clubs love their music! Thanks for the post again.Orange (Remix)
J. MarshI am so crazy about this group's music as you have turned me & my clubs into fans!Orange (Remix)
Gio Q.BIG FAN because of YOU!Orange (Remix)
Julian B.It's been so cool to find great groups like this . This is great music.Orange (Remix)
DJ-ZeeExcellent sound!Orange (Remix)
Aussie QWe've got to get this group down here in Sydney. TY for your postings of their hot music.Orange (Remix)
Star 69 DJThis is a hot song & group! I'd support!Orange (Remix)
DJ-Sammy D.Love oranges & this song too. Hot group.Orange (Remix)
J. DelreoGreat song! Never thought I'd be dancing to a song named after an orange but they always make it work. Do you know if there are going to be a House mix or 2?Orange (Remix)
DJ Da RippaA hot song with hit possibilities. You guys are the best.Orange (Remix)
Winston E.S.I've seen your posting of this group for a long time & they never get old to our ears. This is a fun song. I'll refer my radio friends to your site from this point on.Orange (Remix)
DJ-L RiderYou are so right about this group. Been flowing your post about their music & it just keeps gittin' better. Love this song!Orange (Remix)


Smile (Dance Remixes)  Link to remix, fan votes and comments

Bobby VWe don't know how you find so many great artist with music that would load our dance floors to the max! This is a great sounding song.Smile (Remixes)
AJ Tha DJWe thank you for turning us onto this group last year and for keeping us on top of their hits! We look forward to seeing them downunder.Smile (Remixes)
Ivey S.Your post lead us to this group's song that would work for us throughout the EU.Smile (Remixes)
DJ-L RiderThanks for the introduction to so many hot groups like this one. They pack our dance floors nightly. Hot hits! Smile (Remixes)
DJ Jed LSome of the most amazing videos and such wonderful music. We like and will support their music.Smile (Remixes)
Ali B.We cannot get enough of this group's music and those videos are so much fun. Best to you & yours from down under.Smile (Remixes)
DJ-ExtremeYou turned us into a big supporter of this group's music last year and every time a new release drops it's been a hit for us! Thank you.Smile (Remixes)
DJ VeronicaI can see why you posted this #1 song in my groups this week. I've got several of my DJ friends that told me to check to out. I will support this song and the other ones I saw on your site. What a hit making group.Smile (Remixes)
ZuziDJMan I gotta tell you that this is one of those hot groups that we love. We've been seeing your post since early this year of this group & every one of those songs were hits for you that we wished we'd gotten hold of you sooner. This is a hit!Smile (Remixes)
Martin JAnother great hit from this group. We love this group.Smile (Remixes)
Jake TMThis is such a hot group and a big thanks to you for pointing them out to our various groups.They make hits!Smile (Remixes)
QT-DJOh man this is going to be another hit for my clubs. I love their videos too.Thanks!Smile (Remixes)