“Baby Goodbye” – Music CD


AV Super Sunshine “Baby Goodbye” Full Length CD

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AV Super Sunshine “Baby Goodbye” Full Length CD

“Billboard Hot Singles #7” chart; “CMJ 100”

AV’s Modern Classic Rock Heavy on Bass

1 – Baby Goodbye
2 – Chameleon
3 – Girl Hey Hey
4 – Nervous Ways
5 – Happiness
6 – Super Sunshine Girl
7 – Wavy Gravy
8 – Why
9 – Skeleton Man
10 – Fire Away
11 – Just A Cloud
12 – Going Blind

“Baby Goodbye” is probably one of the coolest songs I’ve ever heard. The woman singing adds the right touch at the right places and does a great job. Your voice is so smooth and also reminds a little bit of Tom Petty at times. The lyrics are great as well. By the way, that guitar on your cover photo is nice! Those square inlays are so much cooler than the dots.

– – – Ericka Garza, Stranger Music