Candyland Remix Volume 1


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AV Super Sunshine’s “Candyland Remixes Volume 1” has attracted a lot of attention in some pretty high circles.  Produced and mixed by legendary hit maker Michael Bradford,  “Candyland Volume 1” is a collection of songs about AV’s escapades with PTSD, severe depression and anxiety, the prescription anti-depressant Pristiq, and medical hypnosis.
The groundwork for the “Candyland Remixes” project happened while AV was recording with a group of veteran musicians which included Michael Bradford at Ben Folds’ studio in Nashville.  It was there AV recorded a riveting collection of 14 songs which turns the wild story of all of his medications and medical hypnosis adventures into pure pop and rock delights.  AV appropriately named the project “Candyland”.  “I created it in the hopes that maybe my story could help people like me,” he says.
These studio tracks by the artist lay the foundation for the release of “Candyland Remixes, Volume 1”.  The friendship with Bradford which eventually led to a powerhouse collaboration with the veteran pop/R&B producer, whose superstar resume includes Anita Baker, Madonna, Kid Rock, Dave Stewart and Deep Purple.  “It just felt good working together” AV explains, “Before we knew it, we had a slew of dance and crossover club hits with a reported forty thousand club DJs supporting the remixes”.

Of the first three singles from “Candyland Volume 1”, “Apple,” “Orange,” and “Timebomb” all hit the number one spot on both the Starfleet crossover and dance charts.  Additionally, Apple hit #2 on the EuroIndie Top 200, #12 on DRT’s Global Rock Airplay chart and #31 DRT’s Gobal Adult Contemporary Airplay chart; Orange hit #2 on the EuroIndie Top 200, #18 on DRT’s Global Rock Airplay chart and #35 on DRT’s Global Adult Contemporary Airplay chart; “Time Bomb” hit #2 on Euro Indie Music’s Top 200 and #47 on DRT’s Global Pop Airplay chart.