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AV Super Sunshine KY3

31 Jul 2016

Who Pranked Who?

AV Super Sunshine Got Pranked by KY3 ...

That's who!

Nobody's been pranked on live TV like me, but I forgive others mistakes even when they make me look bad! 

Here's how it started, the announcer says "He's been described as a breath of fresh air drenched in art rock coolness".

So far so good, right?  However, unknown to me at the time, KY3 TV Springfield, Missouri had just terminated 10 staff members 2 days earlier including the sound person.  As I started singing to the music being played over speakers in the room the "temp" sound person accidentally reset all of the live microphones to as loud as they go.  The result was ear damaging feedback.

The whole room exploded in feedback.  It was impossible to sing. I tried my best.  You can hear the feedback being picked up on my hand held mic if you see the bootleg video clip circulating the internet.  Of course it pranks my performance which was on live Sunday morning network TV channel KY3 Springfield, MO.

As my luck would have it, some nice gentlemen recorded the prank and posted it.  It has started a big uproar in Springfield on social media.  My management says stuff's going to happen so let it go.  My real fans are standing by me.  Thanks !

Yes, I'll never forget the day I got pranked on live TV channel KY3 Springfield, MO.

Forgive and forget.  Enough said!

Is AV Super Sunshine really Mark Proksch?  Watch video to find out.

Is AV Super Sunshine really Mark Proksch?  Watch video to find out.

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