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Vents Magazine Review

05 Sep 2016

AV Super Sunshine Releases New Music Video For “I Am Alien”

AV Super Sunshine is one of those bands hard to label, they are unique and so it is their new music video. In it, AV and director Jared Sagal have ditched the safe confines of the indoor studio and taken their teamwork outdoors… To the desert of Roswell, New Mexico. Home of the legendary and secretive Area 51, the area is well known for having a zero tolerance policy of those looking to breach the borders of the grounds.

To shoot the video, AV, Sagal, and even Bradford set up their own intergalactic treasure hunt in the NM desert, working precariously close to Area 51, no doubt under the watchful eye on base security and their famous white Jeeps. AV and Bradford follow the trail of an escaped alien. This guerrilla adventure is a fun watch and is bound to push the AV Super Sunshine brand into an exciting new direction!

Author R J Frometa - Editor in Chief Vents Magazine

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Last Modified: Monday 19 September 2016 13:37
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